These articles are for those who want to know more about how to get the
help they need from Nature, for themselves or someone they care for

The people in the case histories have either given their permission to share their experience or any identifying features have been changed to preserve their anonymity

There is nothing for sale anywhere here, this is just information,
based on experience from practicing traditions that go back millennia

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Backs, Bones and Muscles Immune health
  Arthritis / Osteoarthritis   Allergy and Intolerance to food
  Back Problems   Autoimmune Conditions
  Gout   Bronchitis & Pneumonia
  Ingrown Toenails   Colds and Flu
  Intermittent claudication   Cold Sores ( Herpes)
  Kidney Stones   Cystic Fibrosis
  Nerve Pain - Neuralgia   Diaphoresis
  Numbness   Dry Eyes ~ Xerophthalmia
  Osteoporosis   Ear infections
  Paralysis (partial)   Eye Problems, Infections, Allergies
  Restless legs   Fibromyalgia
      Food Intolerance and Allergy
      Hay fever
      Herpes (Cold Sores, Shingles etc.)
      Insect Repelling
      Lymph nodes Swollen
      Post-viral syndrome (in Immune health)
      Sinusitis & sinus congestion
      Steam Inhalations
      Sore throats / Tonsillitis
      Thyroid Health
      Urinary Tract infections - Cystitis
      Vitamin deficiency (in Immune health)
Children’s health Men’s health
  Allergy and Intolerance   Erectile dysfunction
  Bed wetting - Nocturnal enuresis   Fertility (Infertility)
  Children’s, Youth health, An overview   Gout
  Colds and Flu   Low Libido
  Immunisation   Prostate Problems
Digestive health Mind / body health
  Bacterial Overgrowth   Anxiety & Tension
  Candida   Cancer, one practitioner's perspective
  Dysbiosis   Depression
  Excellent Nutrition   Exhaustion
  Gallstones   Fatigue
  Gastritis   Insomnia
  Gastroenteritis   Lump in the throat
  Heartburn   Migraines
  Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)   Nerve Pain - Neuralgia
  Juniper and Celandine cleanse   Numbness
  Metabolic Syndrome   Paralysis (partial)
  Mouth Ulcers   Sleeping Problems
  Nausea in Pregnancy   Tension
  Parasites   Thyroid Health
  Weight, losing too much; Cachexia   Tinnitus
Diets Skin health
  Bad Breath (Halitosis)   Acne / Zits
  Cleansing Diet   Bed sores
  Dairy Elimination Diet   Cold Sores ( Herpes)
  Detoxification information   Dermatitis
  Excellent Nutrition   Eczema
  Gluten Elimination Diet   Leg ulcers
  Ketosis   Rosacea
  Weight, losing too much; Cachexia   Scabies
      Shingles, Herpes
      Urticaria - Hives
      X-ray Burns
Heart health Women’s health
  Arrhythmia   Endometriosis
  Cholesterol   Fertility (Infertility)
  Circulation poor (Raynauds)   Fibroids
  High Blood Pressure   Low Libido
  Intermittent Claudication   Menopause
  Leg cramps or pain (on movement)   Morning sickness
  Metabolic Syndrome   Periods, Painful - Dysmenorrhoea
  Migraines   Pregnancy nausea
  Palpitations   Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  Raynauds Syndrome   Premenstrual tension (PMT)
  Varicose Veins   Women's Health, An overview



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