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nosce te ipsum - know thyself

One of the most extraordinary things about life is its seemingly endless ability to be creative. We can see this, perhaps clearer than anywhere, in how every human being that is, or ever was, is remarkably, entirely unique. You who are reading this are one of a kind, so is each of your friends, your family, everyone you know. The complexity within each one of us that allows for such individuality is something truly incredible, unlimited...

Therefore, we categorise each other at the immediate peril of losing sight of this wonder. As soon as we divide each other up into male, female, race, age, nationality etc. we can lose the understanding of what matters most; our individuality, our creativity, our free will to shape our thinking and our way, regardless of where we came from.

So, why bring constitutions into the picture? Partly it is because throughout history so many cultures have come to such similar understandings about our nature to be hotter or cooler, and at the same time dryer or damper, and that these tendencies are regardless of age, race, sex etc. Largely it is because a constitutional understanding gives such useful insights into what kinds of food, herbs, exercise & rest can form a solid foundation under a person's most valuable possession, their health and the entire intention behind this work is to help a person regain that precious health whenever it has been lost.

For interest, and perhaps insight, a mere two personality traits have been picked out to demonstrate some key themes that tend to play out in each constitution but it must be understood that these can only be a small part of the whole and that none of this is meant to put any kind of limits on the unique, living example of unlimited creativity that is you. So long as we understand each other on this point, do read on...

The Eagle Personality

With respect to the endless diversity of each and every Eagle, there are two personality traits that repeatedly shine through; namely their potent disposition towards both vision and freedom.


Vision is very important to Eagles, they need to clearly see what's going on around them and can be significantly discomforted if their sight is obscured. This is as true for their internal world as it is for the external, an Eagle who can't see the point of what they are doing can quickly become disenchanted and out of sorts. Conversely, if they have a clear goal, there can be no stopping them, Eagles can fly further and reach farther than just about anyone.

Many Eagles are drawn into life-paths where they can put the world to rights in some way. They have a natural affinity for order and fairness that is matched by a deep intolerance for chaos and injustice. Eagles can be quick to start a new endeavour, to take up a cause, to fall in love. They need to know the truth of the old saying 'be careful what you wish for', not least because there is every chance that they will achieve that wish! The Eagle is not the constitutional type that does well to retire, especially as they get older, if they will not drift into trouble or obscurity, they are people who do well to have a master plan, or at the very least a clear sense of what they truly want and how they want to be in the world.

The need for clear vision, for clarity, means they usually need at least some time to themselves on a regular basis, time to think, to process, to get their own perspective on things. At least some distance can be required to see things clearly and this is no small part of another abiding quality in the Eagle, i.e. their need for freedom.


Freedom has always been one of the highest aspirations of all peoples. A wonderful aspect of the Eagle personality is their instinctive and compelling drive for freedom, for a sense of self-determination.

Wonderful, and sometimes terrible too, because it is not easy to find freedom in a world full of obligations and expectations. Many Eagles go through a journey where they explore different kinds of freedoms in the world, maybe they then settle for what seemed to come the closest to it, perhaps they continue the search. Eventually they might see that freedom is surely an internal state more than anything else, an ability to be un-trapped by one's own conditioning and limitations, to be and feel free.

The qualities of increased heat and dryness in the Eagle constitution translate, for the majority, to naturally high levels of energy and a faster metabolism than average. Eagles are frequently envied by others as being able to stay up, eat more and do more than most. Equally, they need freedom to move and express themselves or they can show such signs as a constantly bouncing leg or some other kind of fidgeting or cramping.

Many Eagles experience a conflict between their need for freedom and their desire to have a 'nest' to return to after the day's flight. To not become a loner, or leave a trail of broken hearts, means they must find the way to have an open sky and a nest, rather than choosing one or the other.

There are times that nearly all Eagles will need to spread their proverbial wings and feel the freedom that is as vital to their soul as air is to their body. Anyone who is in love with an Eagle needs to know a critically important fact about them; you must be prepared to let them go, 'if you love someone, set them free, if they come back they're yours, if they don't they never were'


More from the Eagle constitution than anyone else, there are many great orators, writers, talkers, performers, visionaries and revolutionaries. Whether it be a kitchen, a classroom, a board room, or a much larger forum, most Eagles know how to tell a tale and enchant an audience. They can be very adept at staying up and generously giving out from the warm thermal of any subject that excites them however, they may struggle with being on the receiving end, and this can create imbalance in relationship.

Any Eagle, or any person who is close to one, may benefit by practicing the art of reflective listening, especially talked about in relation to the hardest emotion to handle in relationship here. That link is not to suggest that frustration is going to be more of an issue for an Eagle for anyone else, it's not, it is a certainty however, that learning how to really listen to others will do more than anything to open the doorway to love; which is that which gives us the wings that do not tire.


Food matters

Food is incredibly important to the health of all kinds of people and Eagles are no exceptions to this. The kind of food that people prefer is another fascinating reflection of their constitution and it is noticeable that most Eagles typically much prefer foods that are lighter and faster to metabolise than heavier and denser alternatives.

Many Eagles, especially when young, like to eat plenty of high-energy foods that can fuel their fast metabolisms but then as they get older may take in little more than tea or coffee, maybe along with some high-carbohydrate snacks, until they finally get to the end of their working day and are then ready to feast, a habit which tends to have the consequence of finally bringing them back down to earth to stop and rest.

There is nothing wrong with following your nature and, so long as the Eagle is in good health they should certainly follow their instincts and eat what they most enjoy. That said, it must be acknowledged that some Eagle constitutions grow to develop problems in their health that are directly related to their diet.

Excess sugar

Eagles must be careful not to develop diabetes because, in running a faster than average metabolism in their early years, they were able to tolerate a lot of sugars without getting fat but this may lead to harm if they keep those same habits up in later years when they are less physically active. Any warning signs such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar or high cholesterols, or getting thicker around the middle, means it is time to take action to avert a catastrophe, for what to do read here

Allergies or intolerances

The other major food matter that often comes up with Eagle constitutions is that they tend to have highly active immune systems which sees them prone to allergies or intolerances. This is obviously a key issue with conditions such as asthma or eczema, but it can also be the underlying cause to other problems that stem from an imbalanced immune system.

There is a simple analogy of an 'allergy-bucket' to use here. A constitutional disposition puts the bucket there in the first place there but then there is a combination of such things as pollens, pollution, stress and adverse reactions to certain foods that fills the bucket to overflowing. If this area needs more exploration, read here



Eagles are people who naturally like to keep active and many instinctively become good at working with their body in some kind of sporting or skilled task. In practice therefore, the need to talk about getting fit comes up less with Eagles than any other constitution but there is one issue that does arise quite often:


The nature of the Eagle constitution to be quite goal-oriented can lead them to become single-mindedly focused on their pursuits to the point of excluding other things that are necessary to keep their life in balance. If they are too active, or doing too much exercise, then symptoms will develop of fatigue and immune imbalance as shown by getting recurrent infections or getting injuries that take too long to heal. In such cases, supporting the immune system as talked about in the article here can be of great support, and at the same time it may be time to start thinking about shifting the goal posts.

Our bodies must age, and we must gradually lower the bar of our expectations for physical strength and stamina as get older or we will suffer the consequences. Our minds and brains must gradually decline in speed and memory but they are capable of increasing flexibility, sustained attention and problem solving as we mature. To remain physically and mentally fit into great old age, an Eagle must be prepared to shift their vision to new targets, not less than, just different.


Rest & Relaxation

Eagles are, compared to all the other constitutions, head and shoulders above the rest for being bad sleepers! All that natural energy is great when out and about in the world but a lot less helpful when trying to get to sleep, especially when it morphs into mental overactivity.

Along with allergies, problems related to a lack of sleep are the main reason Eagles under 50 present in practice, fortunately there are some tried and tested strategies that have consistently been seen to help, they are written up in detail here

Difficulties with learning how to relax can be equally challenging for many Eagles. They are fine in flight but, after a certain age, they often begin to take considerable offence at finding themselves falling asleep as soon as they sit down and stop doing anything. Invariably, in such cases, there has been no regular practice of finding a middle gear, a slower pace, and that sort of thing can place quite a strain on anyone's health after a while. There's no one right way to relax, everyone must find and do what suits them and their nature. Reading books, for example, has always been seen as one of the most effective methods to unwind the over-coiled spring but the Eagle who can't see the point of it can struggle to even get started with such a thing.

If there are health problems that are clearly being caused or worsened by tension or anxiety, then there is no option but to face the music that something must be done to change the base-line levels of stress or the problem will only get worse. In this matter, the best advice and herbs to help are talked about here


Eagle Medicine

For one reason or another, there will eventually be times in the life of most Eagles when they will be perplexed by some troublesome health problems. If and when that happens, they should know that there are some tried and true remedies from Nature that can be of tremendous help if used wisely.

For example, the herb St John's wort has been seen to be especially helpful to many Eagles. Far more than just the natural 'anti-depressant' it has been marketed to be, St John's gives a marvellous kind of 'food' to the nervous system that can sometimes be exactly what is needed to replenish and heal.

Another important Eagle herb is the evocatively named Skullcap which can have a remarkably calming action on an overactive mind, likewise Passionflower, a herb that works to relax the physical nervous system. For an imbalanced immune system, the mushroom-medicine Reishi, and the Native American remedy Echinacea have been seen to help many Eagles. Two great heart herbs that have been seen to be of particularly important help are Hawthorn and Motherwort.

Those are just a few examples, so long as it is clearly understood that, at different times and with different problems, any herb may potentially be of help to any constitution, to see what else is particularly well-suited to Eagles, there are further patterns shown in the chart on constitutional medicines found here. There may also be some valuable insights to be found from reading the section on the 'cycle of healing' found here

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This living 'book' is my labour of love so, wherever you are, I wish you peace & good health!



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