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Water: Seven reasons why water is so good for you:
  1. Your body should be nearly 70% water. Your brain works best with a 75% water content and your blood should be at least 85% water; essential to keep it from becoming sticky/congested.
  2. Water flushes out waste products from every cell in your body, it is the universal solvent that keeps your body clean on the inside.
  3. Water transports nutrients, regulates body temperature and maintains your internal acid-alkaline balance.
  4. Water is used at some level for every single chemical process within your body.
  5. Water helps to keep your internal organs supple and your skin and eyes moist and healthy.
  6. Water helps to prevent mental fatigue and can often prevent or alleviate headaches.
  7. Water helps to regulate the appetite; people often mistake thirst for hunger, and eat something when their bodies are actually craving fluid.


The three main reasons people don’t drink enough water are:

  1. Running to the toilet
  2. The ‘tastelessness' factor
  3. Remembering to do it

1. Running to the toilet all the time

You will of course find that you go to the toilet a lot more frequently when you start increasing your water levels but after a few days this starts to even out. The frequent toilet-stops initially are a good sign because it means your body is doing some internal cleansing. The settling down stage is also a healthy sign because it indicates your body is gradually adjusting to a higher fluid level in all its tissues.

2. The ‘tastelessness' factor

Not everyone likes drinking straight but water can be made more interesting by adding a little fruit juice, lemon or mint leaves. Herbal teas are also an excellent way to take in fluids. For many herbal teas they are really an acquired taste, perhaps if you expect not to like them too much at first you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you enjoy them after a little while! It is ok to add honey to herbal teas if you prefer them that way.

3. Remembering to do it

Remembering to drink water can quickly defeat the best intentions. One approach that consistently works is to put out a jug of water in the morning (maybe with a slice of lemon and/or a mint leaf) and then ensure you have drunk it all by the end of the day. A large sipper bottles can achieve the same thing if you are more on the move. Having water within plain sight is a simple way to achieve an effective visual reminder.

For most people there appears to be a critical ‘remembering’ period that takes about 3 weeks. If they can keep their water levels up for that long they get a new hydration ‘set-point and it all starts happening a lot more naturally, and easily.




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